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The big How

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Born in San Diego California and raised in a quaint town, Lakeside Montana... A small town located on flathead lake with Glacier National Park cast in the background. I have nothing but gratitude for the beauty I have been surrounded with. Growing up in Montana was so pure and authentic. The rugged mountains spoke to me and taught me to be creative with my immediate surroundings. 

 I have since lived in various parts of the country pursuing a career in motorcycle racing, Arizona, southern California as well as traveling to spontaneous parts of the globe. I  now reside in Sag Harbor New York where I find solace and acquire inspirations through the colors and vibes of the ocean and sky.


Temperature, mood, humidity and surrounding natural occurrence,  together with how malleable the medium is speaking to him as he hand picks the colors to embody his emotional connection to the particular moment of the day.  Using modern machinery and custom designed pieces, which he developed and fabricated, Brett pushes and pulls color to create form and light. His goal, to break the boundaries of the two-dimensional world to subconsciously return to a three-dimensional universe, is ever present while using a 42,000 lb. Volvo excavator!


Brett’s vibrant energy, his intuition, and sense of color and form can be realized in his artwork. Using modern machinery, he creates something beautiful to reveal that which is inherent in the world we live in. He applies geometry to the natural curves and esthetic of the earth to enlighten people to appreciate his creative realm.

- Joan Kraisky

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